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Free typing tutor lessons available online

This online typing tutor is different from traditional repetitive typing drills and is far more efficient. Many decades ago, mechanical typewriters required typists to learn by repeating key presses over and over again. Part of the problem was the spring loaded action of the keys in those days, which required more strength and dexterity to type. Today, we use computer keyboards that are much easier to operate.

The typing exercises provided here are tailored to each individual's specific needs. In order to use these lessons effectively, you should register for a free typing tutor account (if you already have an account, login for typing lessons). This allows the server to prepare appropriate typing tests and lessons matching your age and keyboard type, and to store your performance records - which will be used to customize subsequent exercises based on YOUR specific needs. For small children (Kindergarten to Grade 2) we have typing for tots.

The lessons increase in complexity, after showing you the basics of letter locations on the keyboard, you will learn about the Home Row with a few exercises to strengthen this knowledge. Then each finger and key position will be trained, and you will progress to typing actual words. Finally, you will be able to type entire sentences - with a high typing speed and accuracy! While you can jump ahead to any lesson, you should begin at ... the beginning. Click on an exercise below to start.

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Typing Basics Part 1     A short introduction to proper seat posture and finger placement on the keyboard.
Typing Basics Part 2     Introduction to finger assignment to each letter on the keyboard, for the various keyboard types that can be used.
Typing Basics Part 3     Information on special keys on the keyboard that are often used in typing.
Home Row Exercises     Introduction to the Home Row keys, and simple exercises to practice finger placement.
Typing Lesson 1     This lesson develops finger to letter keystrokes, reinforcing the association of each letter to finger motion.
Typing Lesson 2     This lesson continues finger to letter keystroke development, and introduces the SHIFT key for capitalization.
Typing Lesson 3     This lesson continues finger to letter keystroke practice with mixed capitalization and different keys by moving each finger.
Typing Lesson 4     This lesson introduces entire words, and reinforces finger motion and association to each key.
Typing Lesson 5     This lesson introduces capitalization to the word exercises, as well as punctuation and symbols with the SHIFT key.
Typing Lesson 6: Speed Test     This will test your typing speed with entire paragraphs of text, and allow ongoing practice to improve your speed and accuracy.

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