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Learn2Type.com has received many, many accolades and testimonials (over 567 comments displayed) about how good our service is! Below are some of the comments we have received from our users, as the list is enormous only 50 testimonials are displayed on a page, feel free to browse through all the pages about our typing tests and typing certification. Note that all testimonials are un-edited and appear exactly as typed by the members.

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"Excellent program. I have to learn to type 30 wpm in a week for a job oppurtunity and I 'm well on my way thanks to learn2type.com Thanks for the help as well as convenience. P.S. The price is right too! " - Adam
"Thank you very much to the learn2type.com, because it really helps me alot with my typing skills and it enhances me to do better." - Janice H.
"this is a great program. And I still can't believe it's free. I can't wait to own my own computer again. I will make sure everyone knows about this website and program." - Tracey
" I'm getting there my typing speed is 44wpm. This is the best typing program I've been in. My goal is to type 55wpm. I will get there with the help of Learn2type. Thank you very much! " - Ben
"wow cool website. can check our speed in typing and many more . cool . i loved it" - karthik
"It was very helpfull i like this very much" - Rakesh S.
"thank you for teaching my child how to type" - elboneyflowers
"It is very good method for typing practice, really good way test, thank you." - karthik
"this sight helped me inprove alot, thank you guys" - Billy
"This is a good site to learn how to type." - Victor R.
"This is a great site much better then the traditional way." -Mischelle
"I think this is a very good website for kids. My whole class used to use it. Our typing goal is 20 WPM, but thanks to you mine is up to 51 WPM. Thanks so much, now I'm ahead of the class, because I've spent extra work here." - Brianna
"To Whom It May Concern: I would just like to thank you, and tell you that I think your site is awesome. I greatly appreciate the help I have received from it. I am getting ready to transfer from my current job into accounting and will have to learn ten key. I had no idea what ten key even was until I typed in a search for it on Google and came across your site. Now, I not only know what ten key is, but I have found a wonderful way to practice it! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!" - CH
" Hi. I love your learn to type program for kids- it is AWESOME!! I have been looking for a free program like this. This is the BEST typing program I have ever used. Thank you so much!! " - Ali
" This site is really helpful, and it teaches you how to type faster. My class at ... High School uses this site and I think that this helps us a lot. Thankk for being there and thinking of the children!"
" Thank you for providing this site. I am a secretary but I recently had surgery on my arm. The nerve was severed but not totally cut. I am going to therapy for this problem. I have regained some movement, but I really needed these exercises in typing to help me regain some use in my fingers. Sometimes this nerve does not regain total use, but I believe with these typing exercises it will help. Thank you again." CE
"I am so glad I found this site, yesterday I singed up with a site that charged eight dollars every two months for an account and they didn't even offer certificates. I like this site, I can practice and practice and when I get to where I want to be I can order a certificate to frame. Thanks to those who made this site for all to use. " - Cm
"I'am so proud of this certificate of my typing skill's and my 10Key certificate. Thank you so much for the oppertunitey to advance my skill's and to acheive the goal I wont to in life.Thank you so much." - Teresa A.E
"Very helpful to improve the typing skills." - M.Birundha
"this is fun" - michelle
"Thank you so much for these free typing lessons. I know I am very bad with speed, but I am going to continue trying. You are doing a great job and I appreciate it ver much. Keep up the good work." - Vilma
"it's good site to improve typing speed" - Shivajee T.
"Thank you I love this site" - Patricia H.
"It's been a while since i have been on this site for tying i really need to get back on it because i have slacked a little bit... but i'm gonna get my speed back up to date and then i can start looking for a job... thank you again learn2type.com your the best....." - Mildred
"Excellent place, and thanks a lot for allowing me to practice my 10 key. I haven't used it in a very long time, and as I'm facing a coming test related to a job offering, your website has become an invaluable tool. Thanks a lot!" - AjRodriguez
"i really liked this appication . . . . really helped me out." - Nihal N.
"Thank you so much Learn 2 Type.com Here for good experience typing" - Aasif V.
"I realy like this typing test system. i could increas my speed from this system. thanks" - Sham K.
"excellent source for first time users like myself" - sunny
"i love this typeing page its really cool " - joannali
"It is very useful for those who want to make their typing speed as much as they can.thank u so much." - sravanthi
"hi it's good for all" - pavankumar
"First, I must say that I enjoy, like and find Learn 2 Type an invaluable tool in getting me back into the typing mode." - Michelle M.
"Thank you for helping me type" - Mary
"A Big THANKS!!" - aristidesg
"I like this web site, lets me practice my typing, need to work on my speed" - Jerome J.
"GREAT site..........I've been looking for something like this for quite some time and I've finally found it. Thank YOU!! " - TF
" I`ve been using this site for a few weeks now and notice a marked improvement.... Thanks for helping us to learn." - Jeff
"Subject: typing skillst: thank you for this website it is so helpful...my mistakes have deminished termendously....and I tell everybody I know about your wonderful website thanks again." - Spencer
" Quite by chance I stumbled on your website - and I am so happy I did! I'm going to tell my sister about you and then all my friends. I just happened to get the typing test page on my screen (no idea how I got there, I had been browsing through AOl shopping pages), when I saw that I could do a test, I first looked for how much this was going to cost me - 'Wot no cost? I thought'. I haven't tested for years and you can imagine my surprise when I scored 45 wpm with 2 errors! I was estatic!. This is just a quick note to tell you thank you and how much I appreciate a chance to start 2005 with some thing positive." - Angela
"Thankyou! In one day I could type faster and more accurate than ever! Your website has helped me type at home, and at school."- Jennifer age 8
" I would like to say that this program is really helpful to me and even though I could already type fast, there were some areas that got a little rusty, and this program helped me." - Valerie
" Excellent program. I have the flexability to learn at home and not worry about how I am going to get out to practice somewere with my kids. Thanks for providing an excellent service." NM
"I think this is just great that I can practice my typing skills online, its especially helpful for when I apply for jobs as well." -H
"I think it is wonderful that these exercises can be accessed online, it has helped me to refresh my skills!" -Janice P
" I think you are great people to do sthg like that to help people to improve there skills in typing! Thank you very much." - hamedhhm
"hi. this website taught me to type way better. when my mom found this website i said oh yeah just like homework but when i tried it it was the best. my favorite this is how you can tell how many words you typed in a minute. thanks." -taylor
"i love it here it has really improved my typing skills i started out really slow but now am pretty fast and its all because of this program !". -shannon
"Hi, my keyboarding teacher Mr.M told me about this site and it RULES!!!!!! i like it alot!! i am a fast typer thanks from the help of you guys and to Mr.M (he is the best teacher ever)!!!!! have a blessed day all!". -Susan P
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