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Learn2Type.com has received many, many accolades and testimonials (over 567 comments displayed) about how good our service is! Below are some of the comments we have received from our users, as the list is enormous only 99999999 testimonials are displayed on a page, feel free to browse through all the pages about our typing tests and typing certification. Note that all testimonials are un-edited and appear exactly as typed by the members.

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"I just want to express my thanks to Learn2type, I have practise with your company and at one time I was having such a difficult time finding employment due to no typing skills. Thank You learn2type, I have been employed for 3 years in a position I adore. I have learned on my own how to type with your company. I familiar with software and programs that require speed typing. Thanks again." - Patricia G.
"Thank you so much for helping me accomplishing something that I thought was totally impossible. When I began this class I could not type at all, but right now you have made me very proud of myself, and I am going to continue to practice to improve my speed now that I have the confidence. Once again THANK YOU!" - Darlene T.
"Thank you very much for this program not only is it free to use but it helps so much. I'm currently taking a college course and they require that I type 35-40 wpm but this is all new to me and last month I could only type 7 wpm but now I'm typing 34 wpm in school on the 5 minute timing's so I just want to say Thanks a million for your program it has helped me be successful in school and it is all because of your program." - Brandi C
"This course has been a great tool for me to practice on my typing skills since I allready been train to be a typist. I wonder if there is a more advance course that included the numeric typing for Data Entry. I will still very much recommended to my friends, family and neighbors that are looking to learn or to practice typing. Your website is easy to navigate and trusworthy." - Maria Z.
"I would like thank the creator of this website. It has been very instrumental in my building while in between opportunities for 8 months.I went on your website yesterday and took some practice tests. I took a data entry test for employment today and my proficiency score was within the requirements of the passing proficiency score 3.09 (2.50 to 3.50 requirement). I owe it to your practice tests. I am 55 years old and my career might have to change. Thanks!" - Martha P.
"Hey! Thanks a bunch for this website! I applied for a great job and to my surprise, they are asking for a typing certificate. I found your website to practice, test my typing skills, AND get my typing certificate ALL IN ONE! THANK YOU!!" -SN
"Improving my typing I find that this site is great in helping to fine tune the skills and the test and other skill improvement sources are wonderful and simple to use. I also love the opportunity to improve and obtain a certificate to verify the skills." -Phyllis
"This is a great website for young kids to learn how to type for free. I know that it helped me and now I am the fastest writer in my school. This year I got 3 awards thanks to you guys over at learn 2 type and making the world a brighter place!!! Thank You and keep up the good work!" - Anya
"I think this site is really neat. Since I started testing myself, I have already told my daughters about this site and my sister. It is good for anyone who enjoys typing as I do. I am getting there so far the best I have done is 76 WPM. I impressed myself. Thank you for creating this site. It's fun and challenging." - Gweneth
"This is the best website to improve my typing. I have had very good success with this website. Do everything you can to improve this website. I've seen what different people think of this website. This is just great!" - 3Kpone
"This site helped me to improve my typing and 10 key skills ...I now have a job because of the improvement. Thanks." -Jennifer H
"I think its amazing how my little boy and girl jaime and josh learned so much about typing and how to type faster. I just wanted to say was thank you so much.I really am so proud of jaime and josh. PS.I love your games you have for children" - Atiyah B.
"It gives an immense pleasure, to give feedback about your dedication which you have given those candidates who are unable to complete their courses by attending classes and other all practices in the classroom. It is working better in today's life. See, many of people used to sit in front of computer, and getting the more knowledge, from computer on internet, so it will better work for those people, who always sit in front of computer on net, and get more information. This work gives more habit to make ourself perfectly in typing. so we can say, learning typing in our fingertips..." - Peter K.
"This is the most fun I ever typed. Yes, lots of feedback from the typing tutor. This will help me very much in my chosen profession." - rene
"Thanks you so much for this. This will be very helpful for my students to improve their keyboarding skills." - Hanzel M.
"I am a recently disabled, semi-retired carpenter, who is learning typing and some computer programs. I've only been at it for three weeks, and I am having a good time. Your program is perfect. It moves a person along, agressively, systematically, while making complete sense to a beginner like myself. Thank you for helping me in my retraining. I should be returning to the job market not a minute too soon, since I am on Social Security Disability. Keep up the good work. Your service is an asset, and would be great for high schools." - anita p.
"I just want to thanx to whom ever made this website because it really help to improve my typing skill and it's free and we can also get a certificate.it's really neat." - Fitria
"I learned how to type so fast in less then two weeks it is awsome." -EMILY
"I liked the test and this section of free typing tutor. With some work I believe that I can gain greater speed from the use of this site. Thanks" - Bruce P.
"Ijust want to thank you for making these FREE tests available online. I am unemployed and not able to pay for training, but want to improve data entry and typing skills to strengthen my aibility to secure a new job. I am so grateful that you have provided me with the opportunity to do so. Again, thank you so much." - Duane R.
"Just want to thank you for sending my certificate. It was recieved within a few days. I will tell my colleagues about your fast service." - Linda K.
"I think this is a wonderful tool for anyone wanting to excel in typing or data entry. It gives me practice, practice and more practice! I am over 50 and haven't worked in an office for over 20yrs! Realizing that banking is not my thing after 10yrs. I recently applied for an office assistant with the city of Indianapolis! To relize I have this type of resource to go to to do what I once was superb in, is a great feeling. Makes me feel as if I'm in school once again..LOL!! Like they say it's never too late. Thank you!!" - Bea A.
"Thank you on your formatted detail site, and also in giving so many individuals the concept, and drills on pursuing, and pushing themselves in this Learn 2 Type site. Through my experience in obtaining and utelizing this site, I have challegnage and giving the opportunity too multi-task, fast pacing speed drills, that enable me to seek employment in this field. I have been with this site since 2003, and I highly recommend these practice to everyone seeking too advance themselves to another level of academic." - Tina
"This is an excellent way to master typing, especially 10-key. I just can't believe this is free!" - Ballah C.
"Thanks a lot... It really helps me this website of yours. Before I got a job here in *** i tried to locate a website that can enhance my typing skills and I found this." - Aligam
"Brill site i am at collage doing a word pro course at night and i thought the site they sent us on was good but this out shines most of them, i will pass it on to my tutor. Well done!!" -claire
" This site is amazing! I took my certificate to 2 job interviews ... And I got the job I wanted. Now I am back to improve my score and shoot for higher paying job! " - SP
"this is a good way to help me learn to type" - aaliyah
"Your site is extremely helpful to me and I am very thankful for it. I am rusty with my typing and am looking into data base work and/or typing for employment. Thanks for being there!" - joannali
"I think that this website was a great idea. I'm in Keyboarding1 at my school learning how to tpye and even when i'm not at school i can practice and even learn more about typing at home and a think that it's AWESOME." - yonedwards
" WOW!!!!!I have been working at improving my typing for sometime, and this website is the best, your short paragraphs work. My error rate has decreased drastically.thanks " - RS
"Thanks for offering the typing test and the 10key. I'm finding both very usefull" - Deb K.
"I love this website, I have along way to go but for the first time ever I am typing without looking at the keys. With daily practice on this wonderful site I hope to improve my skills enough to get a good job. Thank-you for providing this awesome site." - Aarti A.
"I have learned how to type from this website. I am very glad you have it here free of charge." - Susie F.
"I am so pleased that I found this site-its a life saver-at least in my case I had saved enough test results to get myself 56wpm-I would like to get a certificate with respect to 56wpm" - madhavjee
"I use your ten key test pretty frequently. Am trying to build my speed up. I really appreciate you guys." - Kathleen W.
"Thanks to you I'm typing double time in computer Literacy class. You have brought me up when I am down. You have given me a light where it is dark. You have given me a drink when I am thirsty. I thank you ever so gratefully for teaching me how to type. If it weren't for you I wouldn't have got my job as a secretary at the local morg. Thank you once again. yours truly, Garrett Johnson." -garrett johnson
" It really works I tried this website like 3 weeks ago i was doing 32 wpm now i am doin 45 wpm im so happy! I hope it works 4 u tooo!!!" -Inez
"I just wanted to say that i really love this site. I feel alot better when i type because of it. I mean its only been two times that ive been on here and i already have little things that help me! So I just wanted to say thanks for the help!!" - Kelsey
"this site is very good because it has a lot of features in one packages and its user-friendly. I enjoy this site and at the same time learning to type and test my speed." - Ermundo B.
"i really like this site. it helps me a lot in developing my typing skills.." - zosimo
"Thank you very much. I'm finding it very easy to get the hang of. Thanks again." - Pattie T.
"I just want to express my thanks to your company and staff for this outstanding website. I was in desperate need of learning to type, and at the same time, very apprehensive in trying to find a genuine website that i could truly feel comfortable using for this purpose. My typing is progressing with each and every visit. I now know that i will reach my goal. Once again, THANK-YOU!" -zeplady1
"I am so happy I found your site. My typing and 10-key has gotten a bit rusty and I wanted to sharpen them while I am between jobs." - Catherine
"At first, I thought these lessons could not help me- I was a terrible typist! But, the more I practiced, the better my typing became! I thought the evaluation was way too hard on me and looked for other on-line lessons, I kept returning to your program for some reason,began challenging myself to get better comments on my typing when evaluated! I have to say this program worked for me, I keep on improving and intend on reaching my goal to become a really good typist! THANK-YOU FOR OFFERING THIS FREE PROGRAM! I LOVE IT!!!" - Kathy
"I like this website because I want to keep up my typing so I don't lose it. This website really helps me while I'm doing my job search and I know I stilll have the ability to type and do data Entry lessons. Learn2Type is a very good website because I am not currently enrolled in classes but I still have the skills ." - Yvette H.
"I need to learn touch typing you apear to be the best so far." - Priscilla J.
"as a grandmother i find this very good to keep my grandchildren entertained. it wonderful and very educational." - Brenda P.
"Thanks for having this speed test online. Many work place ask for the speed number and this web is a great site to visit to find out the speed. My first try for the 10 key test was 7000, now it accelerated to 11000 kph. Great site! I told all my friends about this place. " -Jasmine R
"Hi Typing people! Great site, my typing is not great but with the help of this site, my typing is getting better - THANKS!" -Nickey
"i think that this program is very good for things like learning on how to type. it is a good one to teach those who does not know." - Mia S.
"After I worried about passing the typing test for a new job, I took the tests and passed with flying colors. It was easy and quick. I could do this in the comfort of my own home and not have to drive anywhere to take the test. Thank you for having this service available." - Anietta
"I really love this website, it has so much to offer, I find myself here all the time. The typing test is the best one in all the Internet to me, and when I get tired of typing I can play a game" - Michael G.
"This is an Amazing site! I have found that my average typing speed is between 45 and 50 words per minute! Thanks so much!!" - Margie K.
"i give thanks to who brought this sight online. Actually he has made my typing speed to improve. i can now type actually mare than 40 words per-minute. And i hope as i continue to study the tips on how to make my typing speed more efficient i would thank you a lot say mwanaisha" - mwanaisha
"This looks like quite a good service you have going on here. I took two test, and realized my typing speed has fallen. Great job, and be sure that I will sign up, and bookmark this site and recommend it to others who might need typing assistance !" - Magnus B
"I have been using this site since 2003 and have increase my level skills, thanks to your formatted and detail site, even a child can use this site with enjoyable fun. The activites keep one informed on the score levels and mistakes to take oneself to another level of advancement..." - Brenda B.
"This is just what I was looking for. I'm re-learning to type and building my speed back up. Thanks for being here!" -cindy
"Your program is wicked and now I can type 30 words per minute, when I started it was 6 so obviously I have improved. Chears!" -S
"This website is really beneficial, this site has helped me go from 35wpm to 60wpm and helped me master the ten key with very minimal errors. Thanx " - Monica
"On a brighter note I will say thanks. I got made redundant in December 2008. The typing certificates are helping me find office jobs." - Wendy H.
"I love this site. It's just what I've been looking for I finally got a site that was for me. It improved my speed and everything. Thanks for making this I am pretty sure I am not the only one thankful for this site." - Davonda P.
"your member lessons really help me to improve my typing" - 3Kpone
"Thank you Learn 2 Type!!!This is the best typing site on the net! I went from pecking to 40wpm. I was just wondering, I have typed all the exercises countless times and was just wondering if you could possibly add more. THANKS AGAIN FOR SUCH A GREAT LEARNING AID!." -CT
"this website is a good place to pratice your typing skills. i think this is a great site i will reconmend this site to family and friends." - Kira A.
"thank you so much fir this application, it really works and is truly awesome! Within a couple of hours I was typing! Once again... Thanks and God Bless!" - David R.
"Thank you so much you helped me improve so much!!!!" - Tameka
"This website has been a wonderful supplement to our keyboarding lessons this year. The students are able to practice and get positive feedback on their work. This site is a great change from the normal repetitive lessons. Thanks." -R. Gebrail
"i think that your free typing is such a wonderful tool to have. i haven't typed on a computer in a vey long time, i'm trying to build up my accuracy and speed. this is so wonderful, thank you for have this awsome web site." - Gail T.
"learn to type has really help me because i was type at a 16wpm now i type at 28wpm with a adjusted speed o f 28 im so happy thank you to the learn2type people" - Nia R.
"This website is very helpful to all types of people, those who are beginner and the experts" - Rizwan A.
"hi this is a great website the best typing site iv ever seen im only in my first yr in high school but i can type quite well " - Holly K.
"My brother is always betting me on the tests because he was doing the exercises. Now I'm taking the exercises and trying to improve my speed. This is a great website to practice typing!" - 3Kpone
"I really like this site. It helps me keep my speed when typing." - Melissa
"Love your program!I have recently had 21 of my students sign up with learn2type.com, I think its is better than Mavis Beacon. We, at NMUA provide multimedia/computer training to those who are ages 18-21, have a H.S. diploma/GED, live the City of Los Angeles and are at risk low income participants. This is an awsome service you are providing. I will certainly continue signing-up about 60-120 students a year. Thank you." - M. R Camino
"its a good program exllent" - jasmine t.
"This is a great website to practice my typing!" - KonKey
"I just wanted to let you guys know that this is a great site and i am glad i found it!" - nikkia
"I had a typing class when I was in high school, and still use the computer frequently, however I had gotten a little slow with my speed and needed some practice. This page gave me that. Also my mom is 43 years old and has just started using the computer, she hasn't typed in almost 23 years, she is using this to relearn what she had forgot and she is picking up quick. Thank you for such a wonderful sight. It is easy to use and helps a lot. Thanks again. Keep up the good work." -Crystal
"I love using this program. I wouuld recommend everybody to use it if they want to learn to type, or if they want to improve their typing skills." - elizabeth
"i think having to have typing skills is very important,and what better way to improve by having this free typing test over the internet.its totally amazing.ilove it" - renobe
"it is very good, i have never seen this type of website, it is really good, i told to my friends about this site. Fantastic, really good, keep it up" - phani
"I've went through almost all the typing websites and this is by far the best. Way to go I'm really happy with your site.THANX Jodi." - Jodi H
"I just wanted 2 let u know I really like the improvements u made with the site...The words are better 2 read and easier 2 type...Keep up the Good work..." - Tabitha
"i love this new site so much teaches me alot of typing things that ill have to do but its worth it" - Maliah C.
"I really like your website. It has reallt taught me a lot and I'm glad that I started an account with this site. This is a lot of fun and I always have something to do on my free time at school or at home. I love this site so much!" - Emily E.
"This website learn2type.com is a really big help for me learning how to type.I just wanted to say thank you." - Valentine A.
"i want to thank you so much for this web site my goal is to be the best typist and data entry worker ever" - paris
"Fantastic site! I had become deskilled in a boring job and this site is helping me back to my best very quickly and its fun too. Well done and thanks a million.Kind regards."- Janet
"i love this.. i learn more. thank you very much. more power to this site." - jhai
"Thank you for this most impressive offering for tiny tots" - Lisa
"Thank you so much for this opportunity to practice and improve my keyboard skills. I need this for a job and this will get me there." - Vickie
"I hope I learn to type faster and much better. I was not a very good typer, until I came here... All better! Thankyou!!!" - Kimberle P.
"this stuff is good it helps to make a good decision about it helps to me understand and know wat am doing. it is a,llot of help to me and i would like to tell my other other friebnds about it. i know alot of people who this might be of good use to . sometimes people may have hard time learning something or even remebering things and i believe that this would be good and would really help alot of people. some people would remebwer faster and better with this and they would be able to train other people nwho may need help in tyoes of situations.being that i just i used it i will be able to tell those who it about it." - ashley
"Thanks for this program. I love it alot. This really helped me. I would recommended to my family & friends." - Ida C.
"this is very helpful. i am a freshmen in high school. and i am now ahead of every body in the class because i use this program as practice at home." - Laura
"wow it is fun to learn typing in this!! " - amrita
"I m feeling very good when i use to start learn 2 type website. my speed is improved" - Sarita P.
"I just wanted to say that I love your site. It has been really helpful to me. Keep up the good work!" - Y- From San Francisco
"Excellent program. I have to learn to type 30 wpm in a week for a job oppurtunity and I 'm well on my way thanks to learn2type.com Thanks for the help as well as convenience. P.S. The price is right too! " - Adam
"Thank you very much to the learn2type.com, because it really helps me alot with my typing skills and it enhances me to do better." - Janice H.
"this is a great program. And I still can't believe it's free. I can't wait to own my own computer again. I will make sure everyone knows about this website and program." - Tracey
" I'm getting there my typing speed is 44wpm. This is the best typing program I've been in. My goal is to type 55wpm. I will get there with the help of Learn2type. Thank you very much! " - Ben
"wow cool website. can check our speed in typing and many more . cool . i loved it" - karthik
"It was very helpfull i like this very much" - Rakesh S.
"thank you for teaching my child how to type" - elboneyflowers
"It is very good method for typing practice, really good way test, thank you." - karthik
"this sight helped me inprove alot, thank you guys" - Billy
"This is a good site to learn how to type." - Victor R.
"This is a great site much better then the traditional way." -Mischelle
"I think this is a very good website for kids. My whole class used to use it. Our typing goal is 20 WPM, but thanks to you mine is up to 51 WPM. Thanks so much, now I'm ahead of the class, because I've spent extra work here." - Brianna
"To Whom It May Concern: I would just like to thank you, and tell you that I think your site is awesome. I greatly appreciate the help I have received from it. I am getting ready to transfer from my current job into accounting and will have to learn ten key. I had no idea what ten key even was until I typed in a search for it on Google and came across your site. Now, I not only know what ten key is, but I have found a wonderful way to practice it! Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!" - CH
" Hi. I love your learn to type program for kids- it is AWESOME!! I have been looking for a free program like this. This is the BEST typing program I have ever used. Thank you so much!! " - Ali
" This site is really helpful, and it teaches you how to type faster. My class at ... High School uses this site and I think that this helps us a lot. Thankk for being there and thinking of the children!"
" Thank you for providing this site. I am a secretary but I recently had surgery on my arm. The nerve was severed but not totally cut. I am going to therapy for this problem. I have regained some movement, but I really needed these exercises in typing to help me regain some use in my fingers. Sometimes this nerve does not regain total use, but I believe with these typing exercises it will help. Thank you again." CE
"I am so glad I found this site, yesterday I singed up with a site that charged eight dollars every two months for an account and they didn't even offer certificates. I like this site, I can practice and practice and when I get to where I want to be I can order a certificate to frame. Thanks to those who made this site for all to use. " - Cm
"I'am so proud of this certificate of my typing skill's and my 10Key certificate. Thank you so much for the oppertunitey to advance my skill's and to acheive the goal I wont to in life.Thank you so much." - Teresa A.E
"Very helpful to improve the typing skills." - M.Birundha
"this is fun" - michelle
"Thank you so much for these free typing lessons. I know I am very bad with speed, but I am going to continue trying. You are doing a great job and I appreciate it ver much. Keep up the good work." - Vilma
"it's good site to improve typing speed" - Shivajee T.
"Thank you I love this site" - Patricia H.
"It's been a while since i have been on this site for tying i really need to get back on it because i have slacked a little bit... but i'm gonna get my speed back up to date and then i can start looking for a job... thank you again learn2type.com your the best....." - Mildred
"Excellent place, and thanks a lot for allowing me to practice my 10 key. I haven't used it in a very long time, and as I'm facing a coming test related to a job offering, your website has become an invaluable tool. Thanks a lot!" - AjRodriguez
"i really liked this appication . . . . really helped me out." - Nihal N.
"Thank you so much Learn 2 Type.com Here for good experience typing" - Aasif V.
"I realy like this typing test system. i could increas my speed from this system. thanks" - Sham K.
"excellent source for first time users like myself" - sunny
"i love this typeing page its really cool " - joannali
"It is very useful for those who want to make their typing speed as much as they can.thank u so much." - sravanthi
"hi it's good for all" - pavankumar
"First, I must say that I enjoy, like and find Learn 2 Type an invaluable tool in getting me back into the typing mode." - Michelle M.
"Thank you for helping me type" - Mary
"A Big THANKS!!" - aristidesg
"I like this web site, lets me practice my typing, need to work on my speed" - Jerome J.
"GREAT site..........I've been looking for something like this for quite some time and I've finally found it. Thank YOU!! " - TF
" I`ve been using this site for a few weeks now and notice a marked improvement.... Thanks for helping us to learn." - Jeff
"Subject: typing skillst: thank you for this website it is so helpful...my mistakes have deminished termendously....and I tell everybody I know about your wonderful website thanks again." - Spencer
" Quite by chance I stumbled on your website - and I am so happy I did! I'm going to tell my sister about you and then all my friends. I just happened to get the typing test page on my screen (no idea how I got there, I had been browsing through AOl shopping pages), when I saw that I could do a test, I first looked for how much this was going to cost me - 'Wot no cost? I thought'. I haven't tested for years and you can imagine my surprise when I scored 45 wpm with 2 errors! I was estatic!. This is just a quick note to tell you thank you and how much I appreciate a chance to start 2005 with some thing positive." - Angela
"Thankyou! In one day I could type faster and more accurate than ever! Your website has helped me type at home, and at school."- Jennifer age 8
" I would like to say that this program is really helpful to me and even though I could already type fast, there were some areas that got a little rusty, and this program helped me." - Valerie
" Excellent program. I have the flexability to learn at home and not worry about how I am going to get out to practice somewere with my kids. Thanks for providing an excellent service." NM
"I think this is just great that I can practice my typing skills online, its especially helpful for when I apply for jobs as well." -H
"I think it is wonderful that these exercises can be accessed online, it has helped me to refresh my skills!" -Janice P
" I think you are great people to do sthg like that to help people to improve there skills in typing! Thank you very much." - hamedhhm
"hi. this website taught me to type way better. when my mom found this website i said oh yeah just like homework but when i tried it it was the best. my favorite this is how you can tell how many words you typed in a minute. thanks." -taylor
"i love it here it has really improved my typing skills i started out really slow but now am pretty fast and its all because of this program !". -shannon
"Hi, my keyboarding teacher Mr.M told me about this site and it RULES!!!!!! i like it alot!! i am a fast typer thanks from the help of you guys and to Mr.M (he is the best teacher ever)!!!!! have a blessed day all!". -Susan P
"I just wanted to say thank you, for giving me this opportunity to learn how to tpye for free, all other courses here online want money, and I think this is a great course." - Michele H
"These exercise has made me more accurate at typing, I really enjoy it."- Ben
" I have found this site to be helpful. Thanks so much! I have found this site to be helpful, although, I don't get on to much of the time. I have improved my speed, as well as my typing. God Bless." -Marjorie
"THE BEST SITE ON THE WEB My typing is getting to be first rate and I have this website to thank!!! And the fact that I dont' have to pay for this practice is the BEST EVER!!!! " -Gigi M
"The test got me a really good job by practicing Thanks alot." -Vanessa
"I think that this is a really good program for any age." -gaby
"Thank you for all you have done for me I want to thank you again for all you have done i can type faster and I don't have to look at the kyeboard and that means that ya'll taught me alot and I want to thank you one more time because I didn't know how to do that at first and now I do Thank You Love Katlyn ." -katlyn
"I first came on the net typing like a tortoise i was really slow and i wanted to be faster so i came on this site and now im like really quite fast i need to slow down actually LOL GREAT SITE!" -Jade
"This website is so usefull. I suggest everyone to try and learn how to type here. The best thing about it is it's for FREE!!! " -melanie
"This is such a cool website. I just keep coming here every night and i improve on my typing skills."- Liz
" Thanks for a great site! I am using it to increase my typing speed and accuracy. I didn't have enough money to spend on software and this site offers the help and challenges that I would get from expensive Typing Tutor software. I also enjoy the "10 key tests" for my numeric skills, speed and accuracy. Very Cool Site!"- Joanne
"The site is really very good for anyone who wish to learn typing. It is very well managed and truly interactive. I would like to thank the persons involved and appreciate their due efforts for making the site really worth... Thank you." -Nikhil
"Whomever thought of the site had a great idead it is really helping me to learn where to keep my fingers on the keyboard and helping me master typing without looking. thanks." -Ashley B
"I just wanted to thank you,these typing tests are helping me out alot, jojo." -JO-JO
"What a cracking site! Even my daughters learning now ... " -Jules
"This progame has improved my typing skills. Thank you for having this on the internet." -Rebecca
"Hi there, what a great website!! I found out that my typing speed is poor and my spelling is even worse! I had the wrong impression about myself and now I know that I need more, LOTS MORE, practice if I want to be efficient in my job. Thank you very much for showing me where I need to grow. Regards Nadine." -Nadine Z
"I am 34 years old and I have taken typing in High School and I did very well. Now I'm not doing so well. I have the accuracy down to a degree, but the speed isn't doing so well. Also, I have been a teller for six years and when I took the ten key test, I was shocked at my horrible score, I've learned alot here!." -Debra B
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