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Bubble Shooter Arcade Game

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The goal of this addictive game is to clean the bubbles off the field. Just point the mouse to where you want the next bubble to go, and if you touch two or more bubbles, they will pop (the more you can pop together - the more points you get). If some bubbles are disconnected from the rest, they will pop too (this will give you ten times more points). The row next to your launch ball shows the next ball color due, followed by the number of "lives" or "misses" you are allowed. If you miss, a new row of bubbles fills in from the rear. When you shoot out an entire color, the number of new lines increases; when you clear all bubbles, your score doubles. If the bubbles reach the lowest level, you lose and the game ends.

This game requires a browser that supports Flash.

Bubble Shooter is an addictive and fun game of, you guessed it, shooting bubbles!

Aim with your mouse, the arrow shows the path you are launching the colored cue ball. Try to target the largest number of like colored bubbles that are together, touching at least 2 of them simultenously. Then click the left mouse button to launch. If only a single bubble of that color is accessible, you can hit it but it will not pop. You can then pop them both when that same color comes around again on launch. You can rebound off walls to get around obstructions.

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